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βœ… 25+ Best Memes about Netflix And Chill | Twitter, Sex, Netflix
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πŸ“ˆ 2009

✏️ Netflix and Chill, often seen written as "I thought you said Netflix and Chill" or "20 Minutes into Netflix and Chill", is Internet slang for inviting someone over to one's home for sexual purposes. The phrase is often used in image macros and as a hashtag on social media.- Knowyourmeme.com Netflix and Chill (About) 

πŸ“ˆ Origin: On June 8th, 2009, a '"paranormal pictures photoshop contest" was launched on the Something Awful  (SA) Forums.The contest required participants to turn ordinary photographs into creepy-looking images through digital manipulation and then pass them on as authentic photographs on a number of paranormal forums. -Knowyourmeme.com Netflix and Chill (Origin)

πŸ—£ Spread: Slender Man became a well-known mythical creature on the /x/ (paranormal) 4chan board.The earliest known mention of Slender Man on 4chan can be found in an archived thread dating back to June 24th, 2009, though the conversation suggests that it had been mentioned prior. -Knowyourmeme.com Netflix and Chill (Spread)

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